1. Wiano. eu shop offers attractive discount system. The client may receive up to 10 % discount.

All the purchases and orders at wiano.eu are summed up. So, the higher the total value of purchase, the higher rebate for the next order. Other discount thresholds are shown in the table below:

Regular discounts

The total value of orders
within  90 days

The discount for the next order  

150- 250 PLN


250 - 349 PLN


350 - 449 PLN


450 - 649 PLN


650 - 849 PLN


850 - 999 PLN


1000 PLN and more



Example:  If the customer makes a purchase within 90 days with the total value of 200 PLN, he gets the discount of 4 % for the whole next accounting period. If, however, the value of the purchase falls below 150 PLN over this period, the client losses his discount for the next period.


Maximally, the client may receive up to 10 % discount.


  1. Wiano. eu organizes season sales. We encourage you to look at www.wiano.eu to take advantage of promotional prices.
  2. The promotional campaigns are not combined with discount system. The customers chooses more favorable offer.
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