1. Select product category, e.g. Table-cloths and tablemat.
  2. Every category contains subcategory, e.g. Table-cloths and tablemat contains Embroidered Table-cloths, Lace table-cloths, Naperies, Tablemats, etc.
  3.   Select subcategory you are intestested in.
  4.   Every product has a short description and price with VAT included. Click an image, which you want to zoom in.
  5. You have a link Add to cart under each product. Click the link if you want to place the product in your virtual cart.
  6. You can select as many products as you want. Once you finish your shopping, you have to make an order. If you are a new customer you have to register first.
  7. Click the link Your Cart. A table with a list of selected products is displayed. It contains name of the product, price, quantity and total price of your order. You can change your order by updating the table. If you want to remove a product, click the red icon “x”. You can also update quantity of products.
  8. If you are ready to confirm the order, click the link Order.
  9. You have to select form of payment and shipment. Cost of shipment is added to the total price of your order. If you are a new customer you have to register by filling in the registration form. Your login and password is sent to an email address that you provided during registration. After successful login your order should be displayed.
  10. The order confirmation is sent to your email address. In case of shipment by DPD courier you will receive also a total cost of transport.

A payment for the order should be performed within 5 days (in the case of an account transfer).  An order is fulfilled within 3 working days since the date of receiving the payment.

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